French Win

Major French win this week, you guys.

It’s tax season in Canada, just like in the US. And because we’ve lived and been paid here since August, we have to do Canadian taxes this year. As suggested, we’re hiring a local business to prepare our taxes for us… but that means we had to set up an appointment to meet with them. I submitted an appointment request online in French and after a couple emails back and forth, realized that I just needed to call them.

So I called this tax company on Wednesday and was able to navigate the whole conversation in French, without asking them for clarification or to repeat anything! I successfully scheduled our appointment, gave them my name and phone number, and confirmed the date and time.

And when we hung up, I gave myself a massive 1990s-era “YESSSSSSS!”

As we talked about in our February 2022 newsletter, the goal of language learning is to share the Gospel in the target language. But there’s another layer to language learning. If we can’t interact with others in intentional conversations or navigate the basic needs of the community we’re living in, we won’t be able to build relationships that lead to Gospel conversations.

Calling to schedule a tax appointment is not groundbreaking – I fully realize that. But being able to connect with someone on the phone, when facial expressions and other non-verbal cues are missing, and being fully understandood- having a productive and intentional conversation to meet a need – is at least a little bit groundbreaking.

Our tax appointment is next Tuesday… we’ll keep you posted on how that goes!

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