Prayer Requests and Little Things

This is currently the view friends see when they come to our apartment:

In the last 3 days, it has snowed, been above 50*F, rained, been extremely windy, and fluctuated between blue and gray skies. We’ve worn heavy winter gear and gone outside without coats. The kids have ridden their scooters on the back deck, splashed in puddles, and asked why the snow is melting.

All that to say, we spent a lot of last week playing outside…

And we were all so happy to be back in-person at our church here in Sherbrooke this last Sunday! Between getting sick in November and restrictions changing here in Quebec, it was our first time in-person in about 5 months. Watching church online is great, but not at all the same.

Our girls have struggled to adjust to the French Sunday School setting, but several little girls have done their best to reach out and include our kiddos. As you think of them, please pray that Ruth and Clara will grow in confidence and in their French understanding so that they’re able to make sweet friendships here.

Hudson, on the other hand, has embraced his Sunday School class. As we left it together on Sunday, he told me, “That was so fun, mama!”

Ministry on-campus continues, and we’re planning a small St. Patrick’s Day gift for the language school students: small green gift bags with candy and a few little gifts (all green, of course) tucked inside. We’re also including some information about the history of St. Patrick’s Day here in Quebec, written in French, so that they can expand their vocabulary a little bit more. Pray that Allen and I will be able to encourage and serve the students here well.

That’s about it for this week. Today is our day off, so Allen and I are heading to a book store and a thrift store while the kids are in the garderie… that counts as a date, right?!

Have a good week, friends.

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