Weekend in Québec

We spent the last weekend in Québec City! While living here in Sherbrooke, we’ve been able to connect with ABWE’s EveryEthne team in Quebec. The trip was a chance to spend time with them and visit one of their church plants.

We had planned to leave last Friday, after a language school field trip to the Sherbrooke History Museum and lunch, but a snowstorm blew in. The black ice from earlier in the week was covered by several inches of powdery soft snow and the wind was blowing, making visibility low. So we decided to stay home Friday night and leave first thing Saturday morning.

By about 8:30am, we were on the road and heading north, with a Jeep loaded up and three travel mugs of coffee. It snowed part of the way up and the roads were so messy that we ran out of windshield washer fluid and had to stop to buy some more.

We pulled into Québec City at about 11:30am and headed straight for Tim and Barb’s house – they were so generous to our family and welcomed us into their home again for the weekend. We settled in, ate lunch together, and spent a couple hours talking. At about 3:30pm, we went to another family’s apartment to visit for a few minutes, then around 5:30pm, went to another family’s house for dinner! It was a whirlwind afternoon and evening full of good conversation and food. We were back at Tim and Barb’s at about 8:30pm, threw the kids in bed, and chatted with Tim and Barb until about 11:30pm.

The night felt short but sweet and we were up again on Sunday at about 6:30am. We got ready for church, ate a delicious breakfast, and left around 9:00am for Credo, an ABWE church plant that has since sent out another team to plant a second church! We loved worshiping with them in French (with a few English songs thrown in), the girls enjoyed the kids class, and Hudson napped through the whole thing. We were able to meet several church members after the service and practiced our French (with varying levels of success, based on the conversation!).

We headed back to Tim and Barb’s, ate lunch together, and then chatted while a snow squall blew threw town. By about 3:00pm, things had cleared up, the Jeep was loaded, and we were heading back to Sherbrooke. It took until about 6:00pm to get home…

but Rolen and Sarah, our friends and downstairs neighbors, met us at our apartment with dinner! It was very nice surprise!

We went to bed pretty early Sunday night, relatively speaking, but woke up Monday just reeling from such a busy weekend. Monday turned into our “weekend” and we spent all day at home doing laundry and kids’ schooling, cleaning up LEGO over and over, and coloring. And then we forgot to write a post for Tuesday like we usually do and the rest of the week since then has felt like catch-up.

But we’re here! We’re doing well! And we’re thankful for a fun and busy weekend in Québec with dear friends.

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