On Wednesday, we FaceTimed my parents. That’s a very normal occurrence for us, at least once or twice a week, even if it’s just to tell them something random.

But anyway, on Wednesday, we were telling them about what a long week it had been already, how much we’d accomplished, and what’s been going on. And my dad said, “It’s only Wednesday. You still have two more days! It can’t be that long of a week yet!”

It was a long week. It was a fun, crazy, full, amazing, exhausting, creative, and blessed week.

Side note: We had planned to document “A Day in the Life” like we did in Oregon and Tennessee (twice!), but by lunchtime on Wednesday, there was too much going on to keep taking pictures every time something changed. So after spring break, we’ll attempt that again.

This week, we found tulips at the grocery store, which means spring is coming!

Hudson and Rosie had muffins together…

And Clara and Ruth enjoyed some cocoas outside.

We had lots of meals with lots of friends at all hours of the day.

We did some art projects.

Ruth made the house from “Encanto”

And we rejoiced yet again that God has brought us here for now.

Not pictured:

  • Helping manage a flood in one of the apartments here.
  • Leading breakout sessions about Culture Shock and Culture Stress.
  • Teaching two Bible Workshop classes in French.
  • Helping at snow camp.
  • Finishing a support video for an instructors and helping update their ministry page.
  • Making a new MK Story
  • Early morning workouts.
  • Poop in the bathtub.
  • Epic ping-pong matches against a French professor.
  • Convincing an employee at the store (in French!) to let us use self checkout even though we had double the amount of items we should have had.
  • Weather that changed drastically day-to-day from snow to sunshine to rain to wind to snow again.

We. Are. Blessed.

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  1. Reading about your daily life is a joy! Congrats on each and every accomplishment using your newly learned language of French.

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