A Busy Week…

From Snow Camp on Saturday to yesterday’s French tutoring sessions, we have had a very busy week! Full-time ministry here on campus is fun and fruitful…and exhausting. After kids are in bed, we spend most evenings just trying to relax together before going to bed relatively early!

We enjoyed helping with Snow Camp last weekend! I assisted with registration while Allen built and maintained the warming area. Meanwhile, our kids enjoyed running around and throwing axes. What’s better than that on a February day in Canada?!

Due to the busyness of the weekend (and the warm weather that turned sledding hills into icy chutes more fit for bobsledding), we cancelled Sledding and Cocoas on Sunday… but we dragged the kids outside for some play time, and they ended up dragging me and Allen all over the Parole de Vie property. It’s a lot easier for them to walk on top of the snow than it is for us to walk through the snow!

For Valentines Day, Allen and I enjoyed our At-Home-Date-Night as an old married couple…

And the day after, the kids went to a very special party with their dear friend, Ms. Eden. Eden, who works in the garderie every morning, invited our kids to her room in the dorm to drink cocoas and watch “Aristocats” together. We’re so thankful for Eden and his God has used her to bless and encourage our family!

The rest of the week was a blur of helping in the French Bible class, hosting and leading prayer times, offering tutoring sessions, meeting with students one-on-one, grocery shopping, completing some online work/assignments for our move this summer, Allen has been working on a video for one of the language school instructors (which is going well), and preparing for tomorrow’s Soup and Study in the Psalms of Ascent.

Fun fact: last time we met, regulations required that Soup and Study be held in a public place (the student lounge). But regulations have been fluctuating so much lately, that this week, we can meet in our apartment! We’re so thankful and excited!

This weekend, we’re looking at another day of Snow Camp on Saturday and Sledding and Cocoas (or a non-sledding alternative if its too icy) on Sunday. Next weekend, we’re heading up to Quebec City for a few days and we’re so excited to explore the city again!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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