Valentine’s Day Recap

Between Snow Camp on Saturday and the Super Bowl on Sunday, we were grossly underprepared for Valentines Day yesterday.

We woke up late, didn’t dress our kids in red or pink clothes, and didn’t have a pink breakfast. We didn’t do any heart-centric crafts and we didn’t eat chocolate together all day.

But over a pink pancake dinner, between kids asking for more milk and then spilling said milk, we got to talk about 1 John 4:19: “We love because God first loved us.”

The whole and only reason we can love anyone is because God taught us how to by sending His Son to redeem us, and because He continues to teach us through His Spirit.

And then, after kids were in bed, Allen and I pulled out our Date Night Bag and dressed up as old people to fit our “Lifetime Lovers” theme.

We talked about how we want to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary (in January 2064!!), our favorite memories to date of our relationship, and how we could intentionally invest in our marriage in this season.

And then, like a good and true old couple, we went to bed early.

Have a great week, friends. May God’s love be evident to and through you this week!

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  1. Hey, Batts! You came to my mind when I heard this interview tonight. I think it might be helpful for you. I don’t know Susan personally. I have followed her on Twitter for years. She has a blog too, which is primarily about homeschooling, so that may be useful too. She grew up as an MK, which is what the interview is about. Here are the links:

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