A Few Random Notes

We have started and deleted this post countless times. There are some weeks we just don’t know how to communicate all the things that are happening in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

It’s been a heavy week for the team in South Togo, mourning the loss of a young teenager whose battle with cancer is now over and who now stands wholly healed in the presence of God. We pray for the Mallay family and those close to them, that they feel God’s presence and know His peace in this time. We trust that God uses all things for His glory, and we wait with eager anticipation to see His hand moving mightily, even in this dark season.

Our own kids have been sick this week with colds so, despite the heat wave that hit campus this week, we’ve had limited time outside. “Winter Camp” this weekend may have to be renamed to “Slush Camp” (or “Breakup Camp” if you’re from Alaska).

Speaking of Alaskan terminology, we’ve had quite the humorous conversations with our friends Rolen and Sarah (who are from New England) about what we call certain things. For example:

  • Snow machine vs. snowmobile
  • Snow berm vs. snow bank
  • Sucker vs. lollipop

Ministry-wise, we handed out the Valentines gifts to students, lead Bible study and prayer time, offered French tutoring lessons, filmed footage for a video, hosted an afternoon of cocoa and sledding, and loved on a student who was having a hard week. And I played ping pong. And I won. Not really.

So there’s our life update.

As you think of us this weekend, pray for our kids to feel better, for Winter/Slush Camp to go well on Saturday, and for wisdom for a couple decisions we need to make in the coming weeks. More about that later.

Have a great weekend!

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