Parole de Vie

We are currently serving at Parole de Vie (or Word of Life in the non-Francophone world). We realized the other day that we’ve never really shared here about Word of Life and the work that they do here in Quebec and around the world. And since we’re here for another few months, we figured its time!

Word of Life is a “non-denominational Christian organization creating faith-defining experiences that give students and families the chance to encounter God and grow in their spiritual walks.” More specifically, they run Bible schools, camps, and language learning programs that are designed to prepare students for a life that is devoted to God and engaged in ministry. Word of Life has campuses literally all over the world, on every continent except Antarctica:

We’ve heard countless testimonies from people who were saved and/or discipled as a result of the work Word of Life is going to further the Gospel and make disciples.

Here in Sherbrooke, there are currently about 8 students in the Bible school program. Students can come here after finishing high school (which ends at 11th grade here) and before entering CEGEP (which is similar to a junior college where students can take pre-requisites for a university degree). For a whole year, these students learn doctrine, take Bible survey classes, and receive in-depth training on various other topics (such as hermeneutics) and books of the Bible. They also learn to serve on campus in the garderie, the kitchen, on the grounds, and more. They help at camps, lead worship during chapel, and build relationships with language school students.

Language school students are here for obvious reasons: to learn French. Currently, there are six families and about eight single students participating in the program, plus me and Allen who just finished it. These students sit in on classes for three or four hours a day, then have hours of homework and studying each night to further their language acquisition progress. They document French conversations, reading, listening, and activities each week and are required to attend a French-speaking church.

Our family is thankful for our time learning and serving here with Parole de Vie, thankful for how God has used our partnership with them through ABWE Canada, and thankful for how God is using Word of Life world-wide. If you’d like to give in support of the campus here in Sherbrooke, here’s the link. Alternatively, if you’d like to give in support of ABWE’s EveryEthne initiative to support churches in North America (which is our official assignment here), you can do so at this link.

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