Prayer Points: 8 Feb. 2022

Saturday morning, after running around at the garderie and outside in the snow, Hudson woke up with a cold. He was pretty congested and you could tell by looking at him that he felt pretty crummy. Saturday night, he did not sleep well, and I ended up in his twin size bed with him for about 80% of the night.

Sunday morning, he had a slight fever. It didn’t return after a dose of Tylenol, praise God, but Hudson and I spent all day inside to try and get him to rest some. He took a two-hour nap in the afternoon, but was still really congested and sneezy.

Monday morning, he woke up still congested and not feeling great, so we kept him home from the garderie. Hudson sat next to me all morning watching movies while I worked on some ministry items.

Despite not feeling great, he’s still in good spirits:

Pray for our sweet boy to get over this cold soon and for it to not spread to the rest of our family.

This weekend, we’re welcoming some youth groups to the Parole de Vie campus for winter camps. They’ll be here all day Saturday for tubing, fire pits, broom ball, Bible studies, and more. We’ll both help throughout the day as needed.

Pray for safety for the students who come and that God will be glorified in all that happens.

Allen is going to put his videography skills to use this week to help a professor with a video for his partnership development. Michel has made a difference in the lives of thousands of students who are now using French in ministry all over the world. We’re excited to get to help him in this way!

Pray for Allen’s gifts to be a blessing to Michel and for there to be fruit from this project!

Have a great week, friends. We’re thankful for you.

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