This Week…

We’re settling more and more into our ministry routine here at Parole de Vie. But for me, the highlight of the week was teaching Bible workshop classes in French. I realized about three months into my French learning that though I could conjugate verbs and make agreements between subjects and adjectives, I couldn’t yet share the Gospel in French.

And isn’t that the whole point and purpose of learning French? I could speak a million perfect sentences, but if none of them explain the truth of who God is, who we are, and what Jesus did on the cross, what’s the point?

So last summer, I started practicing sharing the Gospel in French, mostly to myself, but sometimes to Allen or other friends. And I picked up on the fact that many other students weren’t able to share the Gospel either. Then last fall, while making our plans for this spring, I asked if I could assist with the Bible Workshop. David graciously agreed and I told him my idea.

Wednesday of this week, we tried it out! I started the class by sharing the Gospel with them in French, then they worked through a planning guide that I’d developed in either small groups (for the beginner and intermediate students) or as a class (for the advanced students). After having some time to work and process through it, I asked for a few students to volunteer and practice sharing the Gospel themselves. Five students volunteered and they all did a great job!

I’m hoping and praying that this was just a starting point for each of them to continue working on their Gospel presentations, and I’m praying that this week, one of us will have the opportunity to share the Gospel with someone, using what we’ve learned and practiced.


It was in the +40*s this week!! It was amazing. The girls and I took a short walk up the driveway to take a few pictures IN OUR RAINBOOTS AND SWEATSHIRTS (while snacking on muffins). Look how giddy these girls are:

Tuesday, we picked the kids up from the garderie and had a surprise winter picnic! We ate sandwiches and played outside for an hour before ending up on the ice rink in our boots playing our version of hockey. It was so much fun that I think we’re going to start having picnics outside every Tuesday.

One thing we’ve really come to love about Quebec is how people just go outside all the time. We constantly see people walking, playing, skating, running, and just hanging out outside, no matter how cold and snowy it is. People live in their winter gear and it isn’t uncommon to see whole families in snow pants and parkas at the grocery store. Being outside is a way of life here and we love it.

If you remember, we share a story last fall about the milk here. It comes in bags and we didn’t know how to “do” milk, until our dear friend Margot clued us in. Well guess what? We found out this week there’s even more to learn about milk. Apparently, there’s a magnetic razor you can buy to cut open the bags of milk! Us being uninformed Americans, we’ve been using our scissors. But when we heard there’s a designated magnetic razor for opening the bags, you bet your bottom dollar we were blown away and immediately needed to invest in one! We haven’t been to the store yet, but we’re going to look for this magical tool next time we’re there. In the meantime, I put a new sticker on my water bottle:

With warmer temperatures, our snowman began to fall apart and melt away. So, Allen and the kids rebuilt its head a few times.

We also sent out our newsletter this week. If you missed it, you can find it here. Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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