Faith and Hope

Whenever we have ministry plans in the morning, our kids sleep terribly the night before. It’s just a fact. We’ve learned to chalk it up to spiritual warfare and pray our way through it, but Wednesday night, our kids were up three or four times between bedtime and 5:00am, when I finally threw in the towel and got up. Then, Thursday morning, we spent several hours shoveling snow, entertaining kids, and helping students with some of their “to-do” list in town.

To say we were exhausted is an understatement.

But we’ve learned over the years that our hope is not in one more cup of coffee or (or even five more cups of coffee), an hour-long nap, a restful night, or kids who sleep well. Our hope is in Christ. Always.

I’m reading through Hebrews and yesterday, I was in chapter 11. The stories of that “great cloud of witnesses” are amazing and so full of eternal, forward looking, enduring hope coupled with action-fueled faith.

If we have faith that God never leaves us or forsakes us, that He is who He says, that His plans will come to fruition, then we can have hope in fatigue and uncertainty. We can look to the future while living in the present, fully confident in Him and expecting Him to guide us step-by-step, despite sleepless nights and busy mornings.

We’re in the middle of Valentine’s Day planning, homeschooling, finding ways to encourage students, learning to ice skate, shoveling sidewalks, delivering mail for Parole de Vie, playing ping pong, and generally spending lots of time outside.

We’ve done a good job at cleaning our kitchen every evening and found a yummy new breakfast recipe that our kids enjoy. AND we’ve learned the magical trick of using a checklist as part of our afternoon/homeschool routine to make sure we get everything done.

This weekend, we’re on a hunt for relatively inexpensive mom and dad-sized ice skates, grocery shopping, and celebrating Hudson’s 3rd birthday with an outside sledding party.

Let’s follow Christ together in faith and hope, friends. We love you!

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