Valentine’s Day Outreach Idea

In Canada, Valentine’s Day is not that big of a deal… but we believe that marriage is a reflection of Christ and the Church. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a day (as commercialized as it may be sometimes) to celebrate Christ’s love and to show love to those around us?!

We are in the midst of planning a Valentine’s Day outreach to the married language school students (and another for the single students – we’ll share those ideas next week). And in case anyone else is looking for a way to encourage and support godly marriages, we wanted to share what we’re planning to do here in Quebec:

At-Home Date Nights!

Each Date Night is themed and includes:

  • Written directions to set up and enjoy the evening;
  • A small gift that corresponds with the theme (such as 80s sunglasses, bandanas, etc.);
  • A candle to help set the romantic mood;
  • Sparkling cider and glasses; and
  • Chocolate fondue and all the fun dippers and forks to enjoy it together.

Linked below, you can download a copy of the letters and directions we’re using for each of the nine at-home date nights we’re planning for the married students, along with a detailed list of what to buy for each date night.

It’s not too late to pull an outreach like this together for your own marriage, your friends or family, church group, etc.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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