French Accents and Covid Update

Allen and I had an appointment in town yesterday. Appointments here are fairly unpredictable: will the person with whom we’re interacting speak only French or will they be bi-lingual? Will they understand our non-fluent French or will we all be forced to revert to English? Our goal is always French first, for as long as we can. And usually, we do pretty well.

So anyway, yesterday, I sat down to chat during the appointment and the man asked which language I preferred. I requested French. I thanked him for his patience with my language practice and he said (in French), “Oh, no problem. Your French is very good. I like the American accent. It is cute.”

Cute? My American French accent is cute? No one has ever commented on my accent before. And no one has ever called it cute. But then again, I’m not sure what other adjective I’d prefer: maybe spot-on or even improving. Nonetheless, his comment made me laugh, and at least we weren’t accused of doing milk wrong again.

Pray that God will continue to bless our French use and practice! We want to be a light for Christ in our community for however long we’re here.

Quebec has changed their Covid regulations several times this year already. Starting next week, however, stores such as Costco and WalMart will require proof of vaccine in order to enter and shop. We’re still banned from any in-home meetings and from attending church, but classes were able to start in-person this week. The garderie is still closed on-campus, but hopefully it can open up next week. Quebec is also considering implementing a “Health Tax” for those over age 18 who are not vaccinated.

Pray that we will have wisdom in how to respond to new regulations while continuing to love our family and others well. We are finding creative ways to effectively minister to students here (and we’ll share more about that later this week).

Last thing: We shared last Friday that Ruth had a tooth just barely hanging on that made her look like Nanny McPhee. Good news: she lost her tooth! It popped right out on Saturday when she pushed it with her tongue and now that two-teeth gap is present in all its glory:

Have a great week, friends!

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