Three Things


  1. Hudson asked for a “Papa” themed birthday party, complete with cows, tractors, and beards. He’s getting his wish and him in a crocheted beard hat has been one of our favorite things this week. He asked to wear it to Costco yesterday and we laughed out loud seeing him wearing his beard hat with a little mask over the top to walk around the store.
  2. Sledding? Sure. Walking in the snow? Okay. Rolling down the hill? YES PLEASE. Hudson would rather roll down the hill than sled just about every single time.
  3. We’ve been working on potty training. And we’ve been failing. So any tips you have, we welcome.


  1. If we mishear Clara say something or ask her to repeat what she said, her default response is, “Mama snuggle.” This girl would snuggle us 24/7 if she was able to! Cuddling up under a blanket is her next favorite thing.
  2. When we planned the “Welcome Back to School” random mug gift, we picked up a couple extras, just in case. One of them is really quite a lovely design. Now, every time we have cocoa outside after sledding and let the kids pick their own mugs, Clara grabs that one. She loves it and she treats it with such care!
  3. Another family attending language school this semester has a four-year-old named Clara, too! Our Clara was so excited about it and when we went sledding on Sunday, she was jazzed to meet her new twin-name and twin-age friend.


  1. Ruth has had a loose tooth for about a month now and she refuses to let us pull it out! If you’re familiar with the movie Nanny McPhee, Ruth looks just like the title character at the beginning of the film, when she has that snaggle tooth that sticks out the front. That’s our girl.
  2. For Christmas, we bought Ruth a Shel Silverstein book. Most meal times, Ruth asks me to read aloud from it and it’s become such a fun past time. Ruth’s favorite poem in there so far is about the poet, who is trying to write a poem from inside the dark recesses of a lion’s stomach.
  3. Ruth’s all about playing in the snow right now. She’s able to get her snow gear on mostly by herself (yay!) and tries to go outside every chance she has. She’ll crawl in the snow, sled down the hills on campus, do whatever she can to stay out a little bit longer. The kids just got skates and Ruth especially is excited to try them out soon.

Allen and me

  1. Allen has been shoveling the sidewalks on campus for a few weeks now… and we’ve had a LOT of snow, which means a LOT of shoveling! He has a system down pat, but I think he’s looking forward to having some help in the next few weeks, when more students return.
  2. We have our Jeep back! After some weird stalling issues at stop lights and stop signs, the mechanics we visited diagnosed some loose wires and dirty filters. After retightening and cleaning everything, the Jeep seems to back to full health. We’re so thankful!
  3. While the kids sled and crawl around in the snow, Allen and I have taken up tetherball. I wish you could see us battling back and forth – some of our games end up lasting a lot longer than they should because we’re both pretty determined to win. Maybe we’ll have to plan a tetherball tournament for all the students here…
  4. And a bonus, just to say THANK YOU to everyone who reached out and wished us a happy anniversary this week! We had a fun at-home date night filled with charcuterie and brainstorming some 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year goals… we’re nerds, but at least we’re nerds together.

That’s all that’s new for the Batts Family this week – now we’re off to plan a Valentine’s Day project and prepare for more students arriving – yay!! Have a great weekend!

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