… and so the Semester Begins.

After three weeks of Christmas break and being the only people on campus, fellow French-learners are returning, the apartments and dorms are filling back up, and Parole de Vie is kicking off another semester tomorrow.

This semester will be different for our family, and not just because of Covid regulations. We finished our French classes in December (yay!), so we’re continuing to serve, now full-time, as Campus Chaplains here. We’ll sit in on a French Bible Survey class, but are spending most of our time serving students and serving the campus. That might look like shoveling the sidewalks and taking care of the mail (as we’ve been doing for the last few weeks) and leading Bible studies and prayer time (like we did last semester). But this semester, I may help teach a Bible class (in French!) for our language school students, we’ll help with administrative tasks as needed, and we’ll look for more ways to encourage and walk alongside students. For example…

Over the weekend, a couple of families joined us for a sledding party. (We’re allowed to gather outside in groups up to 20 people.) We had a great time chatting, sledding, and then, at the end of our time together, drinking cocoa, thanks to our crock pot and mismatched mugs.

We’ve been able to hand out most of the Welcome Back mugs (or we’ve shoved them into mail boxes on campus).

And with that fun project done, we’re starting to plan for Hudson’s “Papa-Themed” 3rd Birthday party, which will also be a sledding party outside. After that, a Superbowl get-together (maybe) and a Valentine’s Day outreach.

But I digress. Here’s how you can be praying this week:

  • Pray for students who are awaiting visas so that they can return to classes here in-person. There have been some border complications in the last week or so that has caused some of them to be turned away. It’s discouraging and has taken a lot of quick planning that was unexpected.
  • Pray for wisdom for us in ministry: within our marriage, with our kids, and then with the students here. Pray that we will have right priorities.
  • We’re taking our Jeep to a mechanic today to see if we can get fixed whatever is wrong. Pray that it’s an easy and inexpensive fix.

Thank you to everyone who wished us a Happy Anniversary (here, on Facebook, on Instagram, etc.) yesterday. We’re thankful for God’s loving hand that guides our marriage and our lives. And we’re thankful that He has surrounded us with a sweet support network. Have a great week!

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