8 Years Ago…

Eight years ago, Allen and I stood in front of God, family, and friends to promise our lives to each other. Amidst white and green flowers, lanterns, and keys, we said our vows, lit our candle, and said “I do.”

Eight years later, nothing looks the same. My hair is longer, and so is Allen’s beard. We have more gray hairs, more wrinkles, and get less sleep now.

But we also have more love and joy in our marriage. More inside jokes and things that send us both into fits of laughter that we can’t contain. We stay up later at night, just chatting, and drink more coffee during the day. We know each other more deeply, know the Lord more intimately, and together, have told the Lord we’ll do anything, give Him anything, and serve Him anywhere.

Instead of spending tonight eating cake, celebrating with friends and family, and taking pictures in the Alaskan January cold, we are putting the kids to bed early, making a charcuterie board at home, and probably playing a game together. It’s totally different and totally perfect.

Happy Anniversary to us, Allen. I love you forever, wherever the road takes us.

PS – Heather from Ambience Photography took our wedding pictures, plus family pictures after Hudson was born. She’s amazing and we love her to bits.

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