Prayer Thoughts & Update

Yesterday, we shared a little bit about what’s been going on here in Québec lately and today, we want to share a couple of other prayer requests that we have, more specific to our family.

But first, we sometimes struggle with what to ask for prayer about on here. There are a million little things going on in our lives, just like there are in yours. Some of those things are small – TINY – things (like kids not sleeping well) and some of them are bigger (like another problem with our vehicle that last week’s starter replacement didn’t fix). Some of things in our lives are just minor frustrations (like not having the physical things we need to address a problem, even though they’re all “on our shipping container in Alaska” – side note: we say that phrase at least four times a week when we’re lamenting something that we wish we had with us!). And some of them are hair-pulling-out frustrations where we just don’t know how to pivot from one situation. And then we also think of all of our friends, family, and partnering churches who have hardships right now, too: countless Covid cases and other health crises, financial struggles, relational pains, winter weather.

So of all these things, which ones do we bring to the forefront? We don’t always know. We pray, however, that the Holy Spirit will take all the unwritten groanings spread between each word and somehow translate them into the right words to bring before the Father as worshipful incense.

  • Pray for us to have wisdom in ministry this spring. We want to serve well, to God’s glory, but we aren’t sure what that will look like in light of the new restrictions.
  • We have some kid-challenges right now. Pray that we’ll know how to direct our kids to look to Jesus and grow to be more like Him in each of their specific needs and situations.
  • And finally, I’ll just be honest: we’re a little lonely. It’s been just us on campus for nearly three weeks now, and the new mandates don’t make it any easier to be with people. Sure, we can spend time with friends outside (and we will). But it’s not the same as having people into our home for coffee and a cozy time together. So I guess you can pray for encouragement for us and that we will find our rest and peace in Christ alone.

I guess that’s it. This doesn’t feel like a really happy and lighthearted post. So I’ll end with a joke Hudson tells us almost every single day:

Why did the seagull fly over the bay?

Because he wanted to be a bagel!

PS : We’re trying to teach him new jokes, but he always ends up using the word “Poop” as the punchline instead.

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