New Covid Regulations in Québec

At about 7:00pm New Years Eve, our phones went off simultaneously with an alert sound like the one we get with an Amber Alert. But this time, it was an Emergency Alert from the government of Québec that said:

“A curfew will be in effect tonight for all of Québec. It is forbidden to be outside your home or property between 10pm and 5am. Increased police surveillance.”

At first, we thought, “Oh, okay. They’re trying to curb any criminal activities tonight, since it’s New Years Eve and a Friday. Makes sense.”

And then we followed the link they referenced for more information. And this wasn’t just a one-night-only curfew. Instead, it’s a multi-faceted and long-lasting situational change to address increased Covid cases, with no indication given about how or when it will end. Québec has had similar measures in place in the past – there was a curfew lasting for five months, from January through May 2021.

View of Sherbrooke from our back porch

What does that mean for our family?

Well, we aren’t sure what ministry will look like next semester. We’ll be serving here at Parole de Vie until summer 2022. But where we are used to having people to our apartment for Bible study, prayer time, dinner, etc. multiple times a week, we now can only meet in groups of up to 20 outside; no personal meetings are allowed indoors with people from outside your family. Since churches are closed, I won’t be able to continue helping in the kids’ class. Bible studies and prayer times will have to be moved outside (brr) or to Zoom.

Coloring with friends before eating pizza together

So, if those things aren’t on the table anymore, here’s what we’re thinking: Coffee Stoop Time, where we make pots of coffee and gather outside with others for a time of fellowship between classes. Sending encouraging notes to students through the school’s mail system. Intentional prayer time for and with others whenever we can. Inviting families and students “out” (for sledding or walks) instead of “in” (for coffee or dinner).

This could last a couple of weeks… or a couple of months… or more. We aren’t sure. What we do know, however, is that God has seen every day of 2022, every event that seems to be a ministry limitation, and every fruit that grows from that soil.

Outside gathering in August 2021

Here’s how you can pray for Québec right now:

  • Pray for encouragement for Pastors, church leadership, and congregations as they adjust again to new regulations.
  • Pray for those who are struggling with Covid, for their physical healing, but also that God will use this time to draw them to salvation.
  • Pray for God to open doors and provide relationships where the Gospel can be shared boldly. And pray that people will turn to Him for hope, security, and relationship when nothing else is available.

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