Tuesday Talk: 21 Dec. 2021

Our semester is done, the campus is quiet, and Christmas is this weekend!

During what is otherwise a light and fun week, Quebec installed some new Covid mandates. Everyone must have proof of vaccine to attend church, effective yesterday, and attendance is limited to 50% capacity. It’s some hard news to swallow at the end of the year, when all believers want to be together to celebrate Christ’s birth. Pray for the (small but mighty) Quebec Church, for wisdom and peace in living out the newest rounds of mandates.

We love this snowy land and the people herein. The Québécois are gracious, patient, and kind. And we’re saddened by the isolation and loneliness that is so evident in the culture. Pray for strong heart connections, even in a time when the opportunity for that is somewhat limited.

So on that note, Merry Christmas, friends. Joyeux Noël. Christ is born!

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