Happy Friday!

Allen has one more final this morning and a paper to submit, then we are both on Christmas break! Huzzah!

The campus is slowly emptying out as students and families return home for the break… but our family is staying nice and cozy in our apartment here and looking forward to a quiet campus.

Now if only it would snow again! It’s felt like spring all week long, with temperatures sometimes getting into the 50°s and all our snow melting. All the locals keep saying this is weird weather for December and we agree!

Lightweight jacket and no gloves?! Weird.

Weather and finals aside, here are some of our favorites of the week:

The girls and Miss Eden’s had matching braids for their last day at the garderie for the semester. They are going to miss their special friend so much while she’s home for the holidays!
Someone lost one of her front teeth! The other is pretty wiggly, too, and I’m hoping it comes out before Christmas! While Ruth looks excited here, she actually gets pretty nervous and anxious about her teeth coming out. If anyone has tips for helping settle her little heart, we’re all ears!
Excited and thankful that finals have gone well for us this week. How are we already at the end of our formal French learning?!

That’s about it for this week, friends. We’re looking forward to a slower pace for the next little bit!

Have a great weekend!

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