Friday Favorites

The other day at breakfast, Hudson was telling us about his treehouse.

Please note: Hudson does not have now (and has never had) a treehouse. However, he was talking to us all in great detail about who was invited into the treehouse, what kind of treasures are inside, and more.

At one point, Ruth asked him, “Hudson, are there strawberries in your treehouse?”

Hudson responded, “Yes…” before adding in a dramatic whisper, “… and raspberries!”

This kid is such a hoot. We never know what he’s going to say and he makes us laugh every single day.

Ruth’s sixth birthday was last Friday and seeing the joy and surprise in her face all day was amazing. This is the first year she’s really asked for anything specific for her birthday or Christmas, and being able to deliver on some of those requests was really special. We had the sweetest day together and I’m so thankful for all the sweet friends on campus who helped celebrate our amazing kiddo.

It snowed all day yesterday and more than once I caught myself staring out at the snowflakes dancing in the crisp air.

Our precious friend and downstairs neighbor Margot (the one who taught us the right way to “do milk” here) moved back to Québec this week and it was so hard saying goodbye to her! I’m so thankful for the months we had with her here in Sherbrooke. Margot helped make our first months here fun, informative, and truly Québecois!

Next week, we’ll be navigating finals before Christmas break begins. We’re very excited for some time off (and I have about 8 books I want to read), but before then, we have oral exams, written exams, essays, and presentations to do. One step at a time, eh?

Have a great weekend, friends – we’re thankful for you!

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