Tuesday Talk: 7 Dec. 2021

We had a fun weekend celebrating Ruth’s 6th birthday, doing homework, and hanging out together at home.

But now, we’re looking at the last two weeks of the semester and the homework is stacking up higher than we seem to be able to reach. Essays, exams, vocabulary words, class sessions, presentations…

We’re thankful for the strength and rest God gives us. And we’re looking forward to three weeks off for Christmas break!

Here’s how we’re praying this week:

For the ability to focus on our classes and homework. There’s always other things that need to be done and that we want to do. Pray that we will be self controlled to focus in classes and complete homework assignments.

For health and rest during these last few weeks of the semester. Pray we won’t catch any cold brought on by weather changes, lack of sleep, or unknown germs. Praise God we’ve already had Covid, so we know that won’t get us down again!

How can we be praying for you, friends?

One thought on “Tuesday Talk: 7 Dec. 2021

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