Joyeux Anniversaire, Ruth!

Today is Ruth’s 6th birthday and we are celebrating her big all weekend long.

Here are six things you should know about our favorite six-year-old:

Ruth is a math genius. When it’s time to work on kindergarten assignments, Ruth always picks math first. She loves all things math-related and I’ve loved seeing her grow in confidence and math abilities! I pray this passion for math continues throughout her life.

Ruth is imaginative. She loves to play “family” with her dolls and will spend a long time telling me the back story of her characters. Often, Woody is married to Jessie and Buzz Lightyear is their son. But sometimes Buzz and Bo Peep are married, too. (Toy Story toys are more prolific than Barbies in our house right now.)

Ruth loves movies. She likes watching them, sure, but she also really enjoys helping Allen make movies. Whether it’s a stop-motion LEGO story or an explanation of the French she’s learned lately, Ruth can easily take the director’s role and present the stories the way she wants to.

Ruth loves comfort food. For her birthday, she has requested biscuits and gravy for breakfast, nachos for lunch, and chicken nuggets for dinner.

Ruth is crafty. As in artistic, no conniving. She likes creating things and could spend ages with some craft supplies and a (low temp) hot glue gun. She has done some embroidery, clay projects, and beadwork. She’s tried picking up finger knitting, but I don’t really know how to teach her that, so we’re making it up as we go along.

Ruth loves helping in the kitchen. Whenever I’m making something, Ruth immediately asks to help. Cookies, pancakes, cheesecake, bread, dinner, snacks… whatever it is, she wants to be right in the thick of things, baking and cooking with me.

Happy birthday, Ruthie bug. We love you!

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