Tuesday Talk: 30 Nov. 2021

Guess what we just discovered.

Here in Sherbrooke, there is a marché de poisson (a fish market) and it sells des flétans (halibut)!!

For this Alaskan family, transplanted to eastern Canada, not being able to have halibut (or salmon) regularly has been a little sad.

I’m going to the post office this week, which is located right around the corner from the marché de poisson and I may stop in to see what they have.

While getting this French conversation correct isn’t as important as explaining we need an oil change done for our car, it’s pretty close.

In other news…

Life is back to normal on campus! That means the garderie is open for our kids and our classes are back in person. We’re so thankful, and I know our kids are, too… but after being stuck at home for three weeks, it’s an adjustment. Again. Pray for wisdom in how to guide our kids back into a routine.

Allen is still coughing. He usually gets a cough this time of the year, so we aren’t sure if it’s that norm cough or a lingering from having Covid earlier this fall. Pray that God will completely restore his health soon.

And that’s about it, friends. Finals are in a few weeks, so we’re starting to ramp up for those, in between other things.

It’s a full life, but a blessed one.

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