Four on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! Here are five things that we loved about this week.

Last Friday night, we rented the new Paw Patrol movie and had a pizza and movie night at home. The kids loved the movie (and I ended up writing a paper about it for one of my French classes). They loved it so much, in fact, that they watched it like six times during our two-day rental period. We’re a little bit embarrassed by that fact, by the way.

While Allen slaved away in class, I took the kids for a walk one day! After what felt like a million days cooped up in our apartment, getting some fresh air outside was amazing. And cold.

We did lots of craft projects this week: we made paper trees, clay beads, cardboard box pictures, fuzzy pompon toys, and crocheted gingerbread house ornaments!

We decorated for Christmas, y’all. And my heart is so happy seeing our new little tree standing in the corner with our random assortment of ornaments on it. Our decor this year is simple and cozy and just what we need.

Next week, the campus is able to return to “normal” with in-person classes and an open garderie for our kids. But first, we are spending the weekend finishing most of our Christmas shopping (we hope!), eating a yummy belated Thanksgiving dinner, and playing in lots of fresh snow with our kids.

Have a great weekend, friends.

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