Tuesday Talk: 23 Nov. 2021

Hey friends and happy Tuesday-before-Thanksgiving!

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated in October (which, to be honest, makes more sense in being aligned with the harvest time), so on Thursday this week, we have classes all day.

But Saturday – whoo boy! We’re eating big that day! I mean, probably not really, but we will have a yummy dinner as a family, remembering all the things we have to be thankful for.

For example, you all. God has blessed our family with an amazing support network of prayer and financial partners and, in the midst of some crazy months, you all have been such an encouragement to us. Thank you.

This week, here’s what’s we’re praying about:

  1. There’s an important meeting at our sending church in Alaska on Sunday. Pray for unity of mind and for God’s leading among the church body.
  2. Allen has a lingering cough that could be a side effect of C-19 or could be just the dry cough caused by changing of seasons. Pray that it will go away soon!
  3. Speaking of C-19, several cases have continued to pop up here on campus, which is hindering our ability to get together with everyone. Classes have been online for several weeks now; chapel is cancelled, the garderie is closed (our kids are so sad about that!), and students are basically confined to their rooms/apartments. Pray for encouragement during these kind of lonely times and for a stop of the spread.

Have a great week, friends. We’re praying for you.

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