Tuesday Talk: 16 Nov. 2021

Good news and bad news, folks.

Good news: After 10 days of Covid symptoms, we’re technically out of quarantine!

Bad news: After 10 days of Covid symptoms, we still have Covid symptoms.

They aren’t bad, but some congestion, fatigue, and headaches are lingering still. We’re doubling down on vitamins and rest and praying to be at full health soon. For our kids, it’s just been a slight head cold (praise God!) and they are just about back to normal.

There have been several Covid cases here on campus, so all of our classes are online this week. The kids are staying home from the garderie until everyone is better, so we’re trying to balance kids and classes and all the things. The kids have done lots of art projects, played with lots of Lego, and watched (too many) movies.

This week, please pray for health for our family, and for the others here at Parole de Vie who have been hit with Covid. I think there’s 7 or 8 of us.

Thanks for praying, friends. We’re thankful for you.

PS – We’ll be reaching out to our financial partners in the next couple of weeks to share some news; if that’s you, expect a message or a phone call soon!

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