Friday Favorites

We had such a busy weekend last weekend, followed by a busy week… and here we are, Friday again! Let’s do a day-by-day look:

Last Friday, Ruth invited three (18- and 19-year old) friends (who work in the garderie) over for dinner. It was so sweet – she had asked me earlier in the week if she could invite them, so we made pizza and turned the evening into a Science-themed party. Allen and I invite people over all the time, and I love that Ruth has picked up on the value of hospitality and wanted to practice that herself. And I’m so thankful for older girls who love Ruth well.

Saturday morning, a family from our language school came over for breakfast and we had the best time chatting with them for hours!

And Ruth and Clara’s friend Evelyn came over for a play date. The girls ran around our apartment playing with toys, making up songs, coloring, and drinking hot cocoa. It was so much fun!

Sunday, we went to church, worked on homework, and had a puzzle night with another family. Seriously, y’all, Ruth did an amazing job helping with the puzzle!

Monday through Thursday: more French classes and homework and the garderie for the kids. I did a presentation in French about the role of the family on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, I was called up for the Q&A in front of all the other students and staff during chapel. I had to answer a bunch of random questions in French, like “What kind of instrument would you be?” (I only know like two instruments in French: la guitare and la clarinette, so I didn’t have many options available in my vocabulary. I said a clarinet.)

Today, we’re going on a language school field trip to a museum, then our family is heading to Québec for the weekend! We’re so excited to explore the city some and get to know some of the ABWE missionaries there.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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