Happy Birthday, Allen!

Today is Allen’s birthday and we’re spending all weekend celebrating him because, “This is the way.”

Allen is, without a doubt, my favorite person on earth. He serves well, he loves well, and he leads well.

Let me give you an example: we had friends over for pizza last night and Allen spent at least an hour making pizzas for everyone from scratch. After dinner, he started water heating up and pulled out all the tea stuff. He helped clear the table, helped get kids in bed, and then even had to help decorate for his own birthday.

And yet, Allen did it all with joy. He is a servant leader through-and-through and leads with such selflessness, always looking out for the good of others.

He is an example of how to have fun (always building giant LEGO creations), how to learn hard things (always dedicating himself to studying French), and how to care for others (always checking in on people and inviting them along).

Happy birthday, Allen. I love you and you’re my favorite.

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