Three Things

In lieu of a Friday Favorites this week, we’re sharing some fun things about each person in our little family!


1. Ruth has now lost four baby teeth! She never tells us when they are wiggly, so who knows when the next ones will come out. But she loves telling everyone she sees about her missing teeth… so much so, in fact, that we taught her how to say, “I lost my tooth!” in French. (« J’ai perdu ma dent ! »)

2. We call Ruth our Math Genius because she loves doing her kindergarten math. She’s learning addition up to twenty, how to do tally marks, and how to use ten sticks. We are so proud.

3. Lately, Ruth has been waking up shortly after Hudson and playing with him in his room. She refers to him as her little buddy and it is so sweet.


1. Somehow, Clara fell and hit her head yesterday. She cried for a while and as she calmed down, a nice sized goose egg popped up on her left cheek, right below her eye. We aren’t sure what happened, but we expect a colorful bruise to appear by next week.

2. Clara is so thoughtfully artistic. Any time we are coloring or doing art projects together, she takes her time and seems to be really intentional about what she is making. I remember when she was a toddler, she’d make pictures that were really quite good for her age. We’re excited to see how art is incorporated into her life as she grows,

3. If given a choice, Clara would choose to play with animals over dolls every time. Horses, puppies, little bunnies, you name it… they all fit into her imaginary pet world.


1. Hudson is all boy, who loves playing in puddles, digging in rocks and dirt, toting around his trains or cars, and jumping non stop, much to the chagrin of our downstairs neighbor, Margot. But countless times a day, Hudson will climb onto my lap just to give me a kiss (or twelve).

2. Hudson loves reading books together. He’ll grab a book and just ask so sweetly, “Mama, you read this to me?” To get out of quiet time/nap time lately, however, he’ll grab a book and say, “Mama, Clara needs to read this to me!”

3. We found some DUPLO LEGO at a thrift store a few weeks ago, and the set came with a big blue crane. Hudson digs out that crane and uses it to pick up other random toys, LEGO or not. He is very attached to it and gets upset when others try to use it. We’re working on that.

Allen & Melissa

1. Allen found a 12-hour fireplace video on YouTube and we have it playing on our TV most of the day. The sound and sight of a wood stove crackling is so comforting, even if it’s fake. It’s getting colder here, so it makes our apartment feel cozier, even if we don’t turn up the thermostat.

2. Tuesday night, we had two friends over for Taco Tuesday. We ate together, then read a Mercy Watson book at the kids’ request. After kids were in bed, we just sat around chatting and enjoying being together. It was so relaxing and calming (and yes, we had our fake fire going the whole time!).

3. I have been fighting a little cold this week, so between doses of vitamin C and naps, we haven’t gotten a lot done. But tomorrow is Allen’s birthday and we’re so excited to celebrate, with or without a pesky cold!

That’s it, friends! Have a great weekend!

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