Tuesday Talk: 18 Oct. 2021

We are hyping ourselves up for something scary, y’all.

We need to schedule an oil change appointment for our Jeep this week. And then we need to actually show up, talk to the desk workers, talk to the mechanics, pay for the service, and get our own keys back.

Okay, maybe that isn’t scary to all you Anglophones who get that done in English-speaking countries every 3 months without so much as a stutter.

But we have to do this in French.

Do you know how to say, “My Jeep needs an oil change, please.” in French?

Neither do we.

We’ll keep you posted.

Our baby.


We are on a mid-term break, which means our kids miss the garderie like crazy and want nothing to do with us because we are not Manon or Eden, two of their garderie caretakers.

It also means that Allen and I have papers to write and tests to study for that will come to a head next week.

It also also means that we’re halfway through the semester! With almost three terms of French learning under our belts, we’ve about wrapped up our formal language study and are making plans with staff here at Parole de Vie for what January-May could look like for us.

We’re all about three inches away from getting some lovely fall colds. Clara’s been coughing, all the kids have runny noses, and Allen and I are very aware of our throats. Thank You, Lord, for fall break and time to rest more than usual.

That’s all for now, friends. We’re off to look up mechanic-themed vocabulary. Have a great week!

One thought on “Tuesday Talk: 18 Oct. 2021

  1. We will be praying for your bodies to remain healthy in the face of the coming flu and cold season. Stay strong, stay focused and finish this leg of the race with confidence that God is with you! Now, go tackle that oil change, you can do it! “Je dois faire changer mon huile.”

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