Happy Friday, Y’all!

As of this afternoon, we are officially on our mid-term break and we. are. thankful.

Somehow over the last week or so, all the kids caught some colds (changes in the season? new germs? not sure what caused them) and Allen and I are barely fending them off, too. So we’re looking forward to a whole week of no classes so that we can sleep in everyday, lounge around, relax, and do nothing.


Yeah right.

Allen and I both have a paper to write, plus studying for a Bible exam. Plus we have three little kids who don’t know how to sleep in yet. So while sleeping in, lounging around, and relaxing probably won’t happen, it will be nice to have some extra family time.

So what’s new this week?

Saturday, we helped serve at a camp that took place here on campus. We cooked, served, and cleaned for three of the meals.

Sunday, we noticed a ladybug invasion in our living room, so we bought a vacuum to suck those babies up. Now all the kids are on high ladybug alert every time they walk into the house. Apparently the ladybugs move inside for the winter and that is a problem we don’t want to have this year. No photos of this one because who (other than Hudson) wants to see ladybugs crawling around inside a vacuum cleaner?

Monday, the girls and I took a little walk with friends and saw the beautiful fall colors Sherbrooke has to offer this year.

Then later that night, we went to a bonfire with other students! For some of them, it was their first time ever eating a s’more. What. How is that possible?!

Tuesday, we saw another beautiful sunset off our back deck…

Wednesday, we enjoyed chapel outside again and playing in the leaves…

and yesterday, I took silly pictures of our kids with chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) faces.

That’s about it, friends. We hope you have a great weekend with lots of rest, coffee, laughter, and abundant peace. We love you!

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