Tuesday Talk: 12 October 2021

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada, so to celebrate, here are five things we’re thankful for, plus a couple prayer requests.

Three fun and goofy kids who bring laughter and light to our home, wherever it may be.
The opportunity to serve in ministry now and learn French to open more ministry doors in the future.
Beautiful Québécois sunsets.
Coffee porch time together everyday, looking out over the city of Sherbrooke.
Beautiful fall weather that allows for walks, finding pretty leaves… and making mud soup.

Now here’s how you can be praying with us this week:

That little girl making mud soup in the picture above? Yeah, she has a cold, we think. Ruth’s nose has been runny the last couple of days, so we’re trying to nip it in the bud! Pray for quick healing for her.

We’re about the midway point of our semester; next week is our fall break. But I have two big exams on Thursday, then Allen and I both have tests and papers due the week after fall break, too. Pray for diligence to study and complete our assignments!

Hudson is not sleeping well – he’s been waking up between 4am and 5am for the last couple weeks, ready to start the day. We are all exhausted. Pray for him to start sleeping in and for wisdom for me and Allen to help him do that!

That’s about it, friends. We are thankful for you, too, and how God has knit our hearts together.

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