Five Favorites

We have Monday off (happy Thanksgiving, Canada!), so we’re looking at a three-day weekend and feeling very thankful for that!

So here are five other things we’re thankful for:

Last Saturday, I spent the day with my friend Kristy at her church’s women’s retreat! It rained all day, but it was so encouraging spending time looking at God’s word and what it means to be a Warrior. Our church in Alaska always does a fall women’s retreat, so this one felt extra special.

Ruth, Clara, and their friends made mud puddle soup after a rainy day here.

Allen and I went with other language school students to an apple orchard yesterday. The weather was beautiful, the apples were delicious, and it was nice to be on a little field trip together!

We took the kids to get ice cream this week, too, at a place called Chocolat Favori. They dip soft-serve ice cream into melted chocolate, then decorate it. It was so yummy and really fun. We ate it in the sunshine while sitting on the tailgate of the Jeep.

Finally, we laughed out loud to see that ABWE shared our milk story from our September newsletter on their Instagram page. It’s been so funny reading everyone’s responses to that cultural faux pas: apparently bagged milk is more common than we thought!

And that’s a wrap in our neck of the woods. Have a great weekend, friends!

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