Tuesday Talk: 5 October 2021

I’m in shock that it’s October. Seriously. Anyone else?!

This year has been so unexpected for our family: moving to a new state, starting language classes online, kids breaking bones, moving again to a new country…

And yet, God’s faithfulness is so evident. His grace is unmatched. His love is eternal. And even in the changing of the seasons, He is constant.

So this week, here’s how we’re praying and how you can join us:

  • Our kids have been feeling big emotions lately. So pray for peace for their hearts and wisdom for me and Allen to know how to shepherd them well.
  • French classes are becoming more and more demanding. We have some papers to write and assignments to complete before our mid-term break in a couple weeks. Pray for perseverance, understanding, and growth as we study.
  • We love the students and staff here so so much. We moved our weekly Bible study to Sunday nights and having our living room filled this weekend was such a blessing to our family. Pray for wisdom as we seek to serve the Lord here, that we will be a light and an encouragement to many!

Have a great week, friends. We praise God for you – thanks for walking this path with us.

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