Tuesday Talk: 28 Sept. 2021

How is it the last week of September?! We’ve been here in Sherbrooke nearly eight weeks and have loved seeing the city slowly change to fall colors before our eyes.

Funny story: we left our bedroom windows open on Sunday while we had a friend over for dinner. When we opened our bedroom door to get ready for bed, it was freezing in there! In reality, it was only like 64*, but I definitely grabbed another blanket before bed.

I guess we’ve grown accustomed to warmer temperatures in the last year and a half…

The view of Sherbrooke from the top of campus.

So here are two ways we’re praying this week and how you can join us:

  • Pray for continued growth in French for Allen and me. Our kids are learning the language now through a program we bought called “Whistlefritz.” Pray that they’ll grow in their language skills, too!
  • Pray for wisdom in our ministry role here on campus. Pray that God will use us to encourage the students and staff and point them to Christ through Bible studies, prayer times, dinners, and just spending time together. We want to see much fruit!

Have a great week, friends!

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