Tuesday Talk: 14 September 2021

Did you know that Canada is the second-largest country in the world by area? It’s massive, really.

But did you also know that less than 8% of the nearly 38,000,000 people in Canada are evangelical Christians? The growth rate for evangelicals is less than 1% a year.

And here in Quebec, the stats are even more shocking. Less than 1% of French Canadians are evangelical Christians.

Less than 1%.

We have had at least portions of the Bible translated into French since the 1400s and yet less than 1% of Québécois have processed faith in Christ alone for salvation.

Allen and I were talking about this last night: Anytime we leave campus, virtually everyone we see and speak with is unsaved and going to spend eternity apart from Christ. When we look at the cityscape off our balcony, virtually every apartment, house, car, and workplace is filled with people who are going to spend eternity apart from Christ. They’ll be in hell. That’s just the reality.

This week, will you please pray for the Québécois? Pray for ears to hear the Truth of the Gospel, pray for workers to come. Pray that Allen and I will be effective during our time here to share the Gospel and make disciples. Pray that God will use us here as He wills.

The field here is massive. And to be honest, it doesn’t even look white yet. Pray that seeds will be planted here that yield much fruit.

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