Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a full and fun and exhausting week for us (which is normal, I guess). Here are some of our favorites!

We attended a church service outside here at Parole de Vie on Sunday, which meant Ruth and her friend could spend most of the service coloring together on the grass.

The Pastor spoke from Psalm 139, which was awesome for me: God had used that passage late last week to really encourage my heart. And then, fun fact, in chapel on Wednesday, the speaker spoke from Psalm 139 again! Full disclosure: I just sat in my seat and cried. Three times in less than a week God has brought that chapter to the forefront for me. He is so faithful.

On Labor Day, we had a BBQ and picnic with the other language school students! We moved inside when the rain hit, but had fun eating, chatting, and playing games.

After the meal and a torrential rainstorm, one of our classmates took a picture of a full rainbow in the sky!

Hudson found the picture of a ranch in Ruth’s math book and spent at least 20 minutes looking at it. Since we spent all last summer at my parents’ ranch in Oregon, I think the art just spoke to his little heart.

The kids have been sick all week – it’s just some congestion and the related side effects from that – and we think it’s due to the changes in weather. They haven’t been at the garderie since Tuesday, so we’ve had more time at home. And somehow, that time turns into scenes like this:

We visited the library here on campus this week and let the kids each pick out a French children’s book. We were so delighted to see that the last family to check one of them out is one of our teammates in Togo! It was a nice reminder of why we’re here studying French and what the end goal is.

We have a super busy day today, then tomorrow (Saturday) kicks off our Fall Bible Study with language school students. If you think of us tomorrow at 9:00am East Coast time, pray for a powerful time of studying God’s word together with these students!

Have a great weemend, friends!

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