Five Photos on Friday

Week one of in-person class is in the books!

Allen’s Advanced class is moving along at a nice clip. His accent is improving, his vocabulary is increasing, and he’s making great strides.

Meanwhile, I spend mornings in Bible survey and theology classes, trying to understand the French terminology. Afternoons are in other French classes to continue growing my own understanding.

Our kids spend the mornings in the garderie (nursery) while we’re in class… and they love it! They play outside, color, learn some French, read books, and eat snacks. Walking them up the hill each morning is so sweet.

We kicked off kindergarten with Ruth last week and girl is LOVING it. Yesterday, she did like five math and reading lessons all before 8am. She was so proud to read some words in her book all by herself!

You guys, I’m so so thankful God gave Hudson to our family. This boy is hilarious. He’s funny and sweet and kind and all boy. I have no idea what warranted this face, but here you go:

Maybe it’s because seasons are starting to change, but we’ve had some amazing sunsets this week. The sun sets right behind our apartment and the view from our deck of the sun setting over the town of Sherbrooke is unparalleled.

Other than laundry, grocery shopping, and homework, we’ll be back at church this Sunday, though hopefully not sitting front and center this week!

Have a great weekend, friends! We’re thankful for you.

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