Tuesday Talk: 31 August 2021

This is a big week here at Parole de Vie: classes start again for all students and staff!

Throughout the last week or so, language school and Bible students arrived on campus to settle in before classes begin. And for some of us, today’s the day!

I will be sitting in on some Bible classes this term every morning, then have some focused French classes in the afternoon. Allen will take the Advanced class each morning and have afternoons mostly free for studying and hanging out with the kids. While we’re in class, they’ll be in the garderie (nursery).

With that, as you think of us this week, pray for us to have wisdom in how to manage ministry needs, learning French, and homeschooling. Pray that we’ll know what to prioritize, when.

We are thankful for how God continues to guide and bless our family. We found a French-speaking church to attend and serve at. In fact, starting in September, I’ll be helping in the 4-5 year old Sunday School class, translating for Ruth and Clara.

There are so many things on campus for our family to do together: sand volleyball, basketball, tetherball, a playground, etc. It has been so fun getting to explore it all and run out some energy!

God has provided instant friends for us and our kids through a family that serves here full-time. Seeing our girls run around together while we can sit and chat is an answer to prayer.

Have a great week, friends. We’re praying for you!!

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