Friday Favorites!

We are wrapping up our first full week out of quarantine (woohoo!) and have had so many fun things happen on the last week.

We spent lots of time exploring the campus. So far, our kids love the “playground,” basketball court, volleyball court, and “meadow” best of all.

After a long look at our schedule, thinking about Ruth’s personality and how she’s adapted the last year or so, and considering the current health climate here in Quebec, we decided to homeschool Ruth for kindergarten this fall. Thus, Rogue Academy International was founded at our dining room table this week and our three students are loving being in school with me as their primary teacher. And I have to admit, I’m loving it, too.

We have made so. many. cookies. during the last week. We’ve taken some to all of our new neighbors, eaten a few, and we now have a new favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

And finally, we just want to share about church on Sunday. First of all, we were not late. But we were late enough that all the seats in the sanctuary were full, so we sat in the overflow room. No big deal, and maybe even better for our kiddos.

Since being here in Quebec, we’ve wondered what exactly we should be doing, how we should be investing our time. When we took our site visit to Togo in 2019, God really encouraged our hearts through Hebrews 11. And what do you know, but that in church on Sunday, the Pastor preached from Hebrews 11.

I’m sure it may not seem like a big deal, having two sermons from the same passage, more than two years apart, both while we were at the crossroads of ministry opportunities. But for us, it was a reminder to stand firm in God’s word and His promises, to remember the things He told us before, and to live the life of faith He’s called us to.

So we’re heading into the weekend thankful and tired and looking forward to a busy week next week. Classes start for us on Wednesday!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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