Tuesday Talk: 24 August 2021

Maybe it’s just all the stress of the last 3 weeks finally coming to a head, but I cried last night when my grilled cheese sandwich fell onto the floor and smooshed apart, cheese-side down.

Cheese is expensive here, and I’d been thinking about that sandwich since lunchtime. And then it all just fell apart. So I fell apart, too.

It was not a bright spot in our day.

But, by the grace of God, we made it through.

There are so many other stories to tell y’all: successfully ordering coffee in French (what what!); how God orchestrated our first Sunday in church here; finally getting to explore the campus and our new home; pivoting nearly everyday as new things come up; making big decisions about Ruth’s kindergarten this year; and realizing at the check out stand that Costco here only takes MasterCard, which we don’t have.

We’ll tell those stories later.

For today, here’s how we’re praying this week. We’d love for you to join us.

  • We have some loved ones in the states who have COVID right now: P, P, L, S, C, and W. Will you pray for those people with us? We’re using initials to respect their privacy.
  • The next semester starts next week. Pray for the students who are arriving, the staff who are preparing, and that God will use us in our roles as Campus Chaplains.
  • Pray for our language skills to grow as we’re immersed in French everyday.

We’re so thankful for the privilege of prayer. And we’re so thankful for those of you who pray for us.

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