Quarantine Stories

Happy Friday! We are halfway through our quarantine here in Quebec, and boy do we have our new share of stories.

Quarantine has actually been a really nice time for our family to connect over games and puzzles, so fun crafts, unpack, and just be. That does not, however, mean that we’ve been getting a lot of sleep.

A certain two year old who shall rename nameless has been waking up around 4:30am or 5:00am everyday, fighting naps, and then crashing hard at about 4:30pm, missing dinner. It’s a good thing he’s cute.

We’re trying to think of creative ways to keep our kids busy and not bored. One day, we made egg placemats to use at our breakfast/pajama-themed dinner. Another time, we took our snack outside for a little picnic. The picnic was all fun and games until a giant spider crawled onto Clara’s shirt and I had to swat it away with my bare hand. Ruth told me, “Wow, Mom! You’re so brave!” Thanks, girl.

In Tennessee, Allen and I enjoyed Coffee Couch Time every morning (Ruth even told her Sunday School teachers about it). But here, we’ve embraced Coffee balcony Time. Every morning, we take our coffee outside to chat, drink coffee, and just enjoy a quiet morning.

After that, we work out, do our quiet times, hang out with the kids, etc. Our kids are learning not to interrupt that time… and not to lock us out of the apartment.

Speaking of which, Hudson has learned how to lock the door to his room from the inside. And Allen has learned to unlock it from the outside with a flathead screwdriver.

We’ve had two successful French grocery deliveries. And apart from ordering two bananas instead of two bunches of bananas, we’re pretty content with our food selections! We are still getting used to bagged milk though…

With grocery deliveries come brown paper bags. And if you’re a child of the 90s like me and Allen, obviously that means brown per bag vests. Don’t worry: the kids made those yesterday.

Other than that, we’ve bet on who wins “Race to the Center of the World” on Disney+, colored, had lots of coffee in the mornings and tea at night, comforted sad kids who miss their friends, made all kinds of LEGO Duplo creations, and started learning different names of God as a family. We’ve talked about how we show love to others, prayed for the staff and students who are and will be here on campus with us, unpacked everything, and explored every inch of the “meadow” behind our apartment. And we’ve pulled weeds. Lots of weeds.

It’s a good season for us, before things kick off again at the end of the month. We’re thankful.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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