Tuesday Talk: 10 August 2021

In case you missed it, we made it to Canada!

Friday morning, we did some last-minute grocery shopping and headed to the border, arriving at about 9:40am.

We worked our way through three checkpoints: an initial document check and questioning, a vehicle search, and an in-depth processing. But two hours later, we had visas in hand and were driving away!

We headed East for about two hours before pulling into our new apartment, unloading everything, and starting the unpacking process.

And now, four days into quarantine, here we are!

It is absolutely a God-thing that we got through the border. Apparently Friday morning, border agents went on strike and were either flat-out refusing to process requests or were processing them really slowly. In fact, on our way out of customs, we were stopped by some news stations wanting to ask about our border experience. We just smiled and said, “We had a great experience!” before taking off.

Thank you for praying last week as we traveled and crossed over. We felt those prayers at work every day!!

This week, here’s two simple ways you can be praying;

  • We are only four days into our two-week quarantine. Pray for creativity and wisdom in how to fill our days and settle well… and pray for our patience to increase!
  • We have several things to take care of while in quarantine. Pray for insight to know how to manage those needs.

We are thankful for you and your prayers, friends!!

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