Tuesday Talk: 3 August 2021

This is it: Day one of our next adventure.

As of this morning, we are on our way to Quebec to serve as campus chaplains for the next year! We’re excited to spend a year immersed in French and ministry…

But man, our hearts are heavy to be leaving Chattanooga and the friends who have become like family to us here.

Really quickly, God knit our hearts to a new “home” and now, it feels like we have friends like family all over the nation: Alaska, Oregon, Tennessee/Georgia…

And yet, as I was walking through our house one last time, checking rooms and turning out lights, I was reminded again that this world is not our home. All we have is temporary and will pass away with the blink of an eye in light of eternity.

So what is eternal, then? What are we living for? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Because He is eternal, we can live for Him. He alone is worthy.

So we’re closing this chapter for now. And we’re holding our plans with open hands: This morning, we’re hopping into our Jeep, praying before we leave the hotel parking lot, and heading north. By tonight, we hope to be in PA – we’ll surprise the kids with a trip to the Hershey Park tomorrow, then head to NY on Thursday. We’ll get our COVID tests, then on Friday, do our border crossing.

So how can you be praying this week? Specifically:

  • Pray for safety traveling and pulling a trailer.
  • Pray for negative COVID tests.
  • Pray for a quick and smooth border crossing on Friday.
  • Pray for our kids’ hearts. They already miss their friends like crazy.
  • Pray for Allen and I to have eyes to see and hands to do God’s will in all things.

It’s a big week for our family. You can follow along with regular updates on Instagram or Facebook (@battsabroad). We’ll post a quick update on Friday!

Have a great week, friends!

One thought on “Tuesday Talk: 3 August 2021

  1. You’re already moving to PdV! That is so exciting and such an answer to prayer. Can’t wait to hear that you’re all settled in.

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