Friday Favorites: Packing Edition

Hey hey! We spent a big chunk the week finishing French classes (Allen) and a few straggling assignments (Melissa).

And the rest of the week was dedicated to packing!

Things aren’t officially official yet, but we hope to be moving up to Quebec next week (yay!!!). We’ll share all the details in our newsletter video (coming out this weekend). In the meantime, pray we get the news we need TODAY in order for that to happen!

So here are some of our favorites from the week:

Friday night, we had a fun double date with our dear friends Summer and Drew. We had great food together and Drew gave us a walking tour of downtown Chattanooga. We are so thankful for this sweet family who has been so generous with their time and love towards us.

Saturday, I took the kids on the train while Allen did some homework. From reading onboard to eating ice cream at the halfway point, it was such a fun little adventure.

Our sweet neighbor brought Clara a belated birthday present and the kids were so jazzed to see what was in the gift bag!

When our family gets stressed and just needs to reconnect, we pull out the Lego bin. So we spent some time this week building castles and swimming pools, hotels and treehouses. (Also, Allen and I have been watching “Lego Masters” some evenings and think there should be a Duplo challenge. Who can make that happen?)

The Holy Spirit reminded me of this verse yesterday (Psalm 61.2), when I was reaching a pinnacle of stress and anxiety. I’m so thankful for the lasting word of God.

Okay, friends. That’s a wrap. Check back here or check your email this weekend for our July newsletter video!

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