Tuesday Talk: 27 July 2021

It’s getting into the 90s here in Chattanooga this week, and right now, the humidity is at 94%. In fact, it’s hotter here this week than in Kara, Togo!

We had a busy weekend trying to get things purchased and packed for Quebec. Towels, sheets, pillows, blankets… we have to take those up with us, which means we have to go buy those things.

We still don’t have an estimated day of departure for Quebec, but after this week, we will BOTH be done with our online language learning! Phew. We love Zoom as much as the next person and we’re so thankful for the opportunity to invest in our French learning online. But we’re ready for the next phase, too.

So here’s how you can be praying:


  • The rest of Allen’s week is full of an oral presentation, an oral exam, a written exam, and a final paper. Pray for diligence in studying and working on these things. Pray for good use of time!
  • We’ve really loved plugging into our church here and building relationships. As we may only have one or two weeks left (or maybe two months!), pray that we will be intentional in ministering to others.
  • We came to Chattanooga in need of rest, grounding, and time to invest in our family. We’re thankful God has given that.
  • Pray for our Visa situation. We should have some answers and news to share by the end of the week, but pray that everything goes smoothly and according to God’s will.


  • Kids are once again feeling the effects of packing and moving. Pray for peace in their hearts and minds as we trust in Jesus to lead us.
  • We can only fit 8 totes and four or five suitcases on our Jeep, which sounds like a lot, but it has to include a whole tote of wi tee clothes, all our linens, clothes and shoes for five people, toys, books, kids’ craft supplies, etc. Pray for wisdom in packing and transitioning well.

Thanks, friends! We love you.

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