Friday’s Good News / bad News

We have good news and bad news…

Good news: I’m done with online language school! I wrapped up my semester this week (except for some online homework assignments) and am happy with my well-earned A’s and high-B’s.

Bad news: Allen still has one more week of online classes, so we can’t go do lots of fun things yet.

Good news: Hudson slept for 13 hours one night this week!

Bad news: It’s because he (and the girls) all had fevers and a 24-hour bug.

Good news: We think God is opening a door for us to move to Canada…

Bad news: We can’t share any other details right now. Sorry.

Good news: We celebrated Clara’s birthday with friends and family!

Bad news: The balloons in our beloved rainbow arch are slowly deflating.

Good news: There’s not much rain in the forecast, so we can take the doors back off the Jeep!

Bad news: We have lots of smoke right now in Chattanooga from all the wildfires.

We hope you have a great weekend, friends. Thanks for sticking with us through the good and the bad!

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