Tuesday Talk: 20 July 2021

After a big weekend celebrating Clara’s fourth birthday, we’re buckling down and getting ready for finals!

Ministry Prayer Requests:

  • This week, I wrap up my online French learning with a vocabulary exam (Wednesday), an oral exam (Thursday), a written exam (Friday) and a final paper (due Friday). I praise God for his guidance and help in learning French. While I know I’m not fluent, I know I’ve made big progress over the last seven months and I’m so thankful for that. Pray for success in these exams and for God to be glorified.
  • Allen will finish his online French classes next week with an oral presentation, oral exam, and written exam. Again, pray for success in these exams and for God to be glorified.
  • We’re looking forward to seeing what God does in order for our family to relocate to Quebec for a year. Pray for our visa situation and that it will work out in God’s timing and His preordained way.

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • Saturday night, Hudson developed a fever. He was sick all day Sunday and though his fever broke, he’s still pretty miserable. Pray for full healing and good rest for his tired body.
  • Last night, Ruth began showing the same symptoms that Hudson had. Pray for healing and that the rust of us stay well.
  • We can tell our kids are picking up on the stress of planning another move, especially Ruth. Pray for God to give her peace in her heart and that we will be wise to point her to Jesus at every opportunity.

Thanks for praying, friends. We praise God for you!

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