Happy 4th Birthday, Clara!

Four years ago today, in a hospital in Alaska, my shortest labor ended (after “only” 23 hours) and our second daughter was born.

Clara Mae is the light our family needed.

She is goofy, always making silly faces or telling random jokes. Her favorite joke? “What is a potty’s favorite snack?” “Poopsicles!”

Clara is a great sister, always wanting to hold Hudson’s hand and help him. She loves playing with Ruth and the two of them will run around as Ana and Elsa all day long.

Clara is smart. She loves looking at books during quiet reading time, practicing her letters, and counting things. She also loves art. Girl will sit and draw, paint, color, play with PlayDoh, etc. for as long as possible.

She loves to snuggle. Any chance she can get, Clara will sit on my lap, snuggle up, and hold my hand. Anyone new she meets is quickly a friend.

Clara is sweet: every night before bed, she prays, “God, thank you for mommy. I love her and she’s the best. Thank you for daddy. I love him and he’s the best.”

Clara is adventurous and energetic. She loves when the doors are off the Jeep, loves to try new things, loves to run and be active. She’s fast and strong.

Happy birthday, big girl!! We love you immensely.

2 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday, Clara!

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